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We are the women behind Gypsy Lace Cafe!

GypsyLace Cafe is not your typical food truck — we are a mobile cafe serving breakfast and lunch, specializing in organic and fair trade coffee and tea, as well as allergy-sensitive and vegetarian/vegan-friendly baked goods and entrees. We have also partnered with Under The Elder Tree Apothecary in Centre Market to brew a selection of their exclusive medicinal teas that are available for purchase in their shop.

Our goal is to serve food so delicious that everyone can enjoy it whether you have dietary restrictions or not. Our target market is Wheeling’s vibrant community of business people and commuters (whose dietary restrictions may have left them feeling underserved) through both our daily operations and a strong presence at festivals and other events. We hope our patrons will not only fall in love with our products and service, but that they will take a moment out of their busy day to sit down, relax and savor their treat while enjoying our fun atmosphere.


Sarah Williams


Melinda Scott


What makes us different?

We are a pair of working mothers trying to make our kids and families proud, we pour everything into making GypsyLace Cafe a success. We’ve relentlessly battled through late nights of cooking and baking tests and tried hundreds of recipes in our quest to find the very best options for the people of Wheeling. Allergens and other dietary restrictions hit close to home for us, so we take the responsibility of serving this unique community seriously. We are Wheeling’s first mobile cafe, and we are striving to serve an underserved market. We are also committed to seeing Wheeling thrive by partnering with the city for events like Winter on the Plaza and the Market Plaza skating rink on Small Business Saturday this past November.

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